Saturday, August 27, 2005


Well this is not a regular post...its just my learning from the past one month:

"There are no shortcuts [in life/to success]"

Just realised how true this line is.....


Well would just add another of my favorite quote. This is from the movie, Fight Club and again this is SOME quote :)

"It's only when you have lost everything, that you are free to do ANYTHING"

again pretty true :)


Phoenix said...

Yes, it's true...

But what made u learn it?:P

At times even long cuts are ok, as long as your smiles and a companion doesn't leave u!

Phoenix said...
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Kon ?? said...

what made me learn it ? well will tell ya..not @ this public place tho :D

even long cuts r ok ? arey thts wat i said...u need a long cut to succeed :)

smiles ka to ok hai par companion ? arey woh kahan se laaoon !?

Phoenix said...

WELL, THAT'S A DIFFICULT QUESTION..but i waont answer u this easily..Find it yourself..take the long cut!

Kon ?? said...

find it myself !? ya trying to do tht :) ie trying to find :D
ofcourse hv to take the long cut...

PS: thx 4 putting a link 2 my blog :) tho it shud be "Kon ??" not "Kon" :P

B. said...

What does success mean to you?

Kon ?? said...

@ B.
well cudnt understand the question exactly..
do u mean what is the importance of success to me ? or u mean how do i define success for me ?

if its the first one, then i think it is everything to me...can quote it like "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing"
for the 2nd one..well its quite simply, success is when u achieve the goal u have set for urself [which can be anything]

i guess i made myself clear ?

B. said...

Well the reason why I asked u what i did was that too often I meet people saying I want to be successful in life..and whe i ask them what is success they have no real answers.

How I got thru ur blog? From Orkut...and I came to know from there that even u are a DITian

Kon ?? said...

in any case i guess me has answered wat's success is 4 me :)
ya nice 2 know u a DITian !