Friday, September 09, 2005

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

Well yesterday i got to watch the finale of the Great Indian Laughter challenge..well that was actually a great fun..The winner Sunil Paul was simply outstanding...for me he was easily the winner among those 6. Coincidently the thing which won him the contest was the parody of a *POPULAR* song by a winner of a similar contest [Indian Idol]. He was also pretty good in mimicry of various actors mainly Sunil Shetty, Naseeruddin Shah et al... I guess Raju Srivastava was pretty good too with that newer version of Sholay with Gabbar as totally un-influential person. For me he should have been second..but anyway there was no fight about the First result !
All n all a pretty good entertainment...

On a finishing note, i think these channel wars are actually getting some real interesting contests in, and allowing some good talents to take the center stage. Almost every channel these days is having similar contests... Indian Idol, Great Indian Laughter challenge, [V] Popstars, Harsha ki Khoj....the list is endless..

Enough for now...wrote after a long time :)

PS: Eagerly waiting for the Ashes to finish, and see the warney retaining the trophy for the Aussies !


B. said...

Man would it not be good to see England for a change taking the ashes back..I think they truely deserve it this time!

Kon ?? said...

well not this time round :D, maybe next time round when warney is not around :)
i cant see warney losing his farewell ashes series in england...inspite of all his efforts in bowling and batting...esp with wat all he has done for australia throughout his career..
he should get a good farewell :D

Phoenix said...

This is the oonly time I regret being in a hostel

missed both semis anf the fu\inal of the GILC

Kon ?? said...

ya i think u missed was really gud...a respite from routine saas-bahus going on the television :)