Monday, August 22, 2005

Khel Ratna nominations + some crap !

Just read the news in the morning newspaper that Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly's name were rejected by the Indian Government for the Khel Ratna Award. Well if i look back at past year, indian cricket didn't had a great year at all. But still we see these names being referred for the Khel Ratna !! Especially the name of Saurav Ganguly is simply disgusting. This guy [read indian captain] is struggling to get a place in the team, if at all the selection would have been simply on merit he would never make it to the playing eleven let alone become the captain of this Indian team and here i am seeing him being nominated for Khel Ratna, the highest award in sports ? which till now has only been awarded to Sachin Tendulkar !!

I simply wonder when will this Indian sports get above the reputations. A player like Sourav Ganguly who has hardly scored any runs in past 2 years, leave aside few big scores against the minnows like Zimbabwe, Bangladesh et al is not only made captain of the side, but is even nominated for the Khel Ratna ! Amazing....simply amazing. I dont think even as a captain Ganguly has led india to any noticable success in last year, so these nominations are even more appalling coz not only has he failed in personal contributions but he hasn't even done anything noticeable as a leader. So surely these nominations are either simply coz of their reputation in indian cricket or on the rotation basis [similar to few awards @ my workplace (no questions about this will be entertained !) ]

Well i guess now im going to get away from the above topic, hell yes i will write what i want to ! afterall its my blog "The Matrix" [the world of MY thoughts] !! They [read ganguly's supporters] say that he is just out of form. Cmmon form ? When did u see bad form lasting for over 2 years ? These days he struggles to get even into double figures most of the times, and when he does score few runs (ya precisely FEW !), he takes away so many deliveries to make sure that the team doesn't reach a good total :)
Ya i might be sounding too bashing..well then that's the mood im in at the moment.. The WC '2007 is just round the corner and instead of giving chances to the newer faces, indian selectors are persisting with the old horses [surely not war horses !!]. There was once a famous controversial comment in Australian cricket over Shane Lee (if i remember correctly) - "Can't bat, can't bowl, can't field". This kinda fit perfectly on Ganguly at the moment :) Youngsters like Suresh Raina, Venugopal were given hardly given any chances and now indians are back to the good ol' ganguly et al....even if Raina didnt do good with the bat, but atleast he affected 3 runouts in as many matches :)

I would simply sum it up to infer that its high time that the indian cricket move above reputations else they would see them being thrown to the ground in the upcoming WC. Most of the teams like England, Pakistan for example, have started opting for youngsters and after a few reverses, good results are showing...but indians are going against the same old path and getting beaten again and again....Even the masters, the champions of the game are finding it hard to bear some of the old horses [read gillespie, maybe even hayden] in the simply forget that india can bear few non-playing players like ganguly.

Another big problem in the indian cricket is the media, with hardly 1-2 good matches, the indian media creates such a hype of players that they are everywhere in the news....there on every television with different ads...and then they just keep playing in the team through their reputations/PAST performances ! Yuvraj, Pathan just to name a few i guess are the biggest examples of this !!

A new series awaits india in Zimbabwe....well the result is quite expected india will reach another final (simply coz the third team is a big time minnow, Zimbabwe, who is just fresh from 2 test -defeats with days !!) and will lost another far as i can remember it will be 20th loss in 21/22 odd finals ? A great record to ponder over ? naah quite normal......we keep losing over and over again...then someday will get a wonder win like @ Eden Gardens against Aus, Lords finale against Eng, Adelaide against Aus and whole of the media, whole of the public will simpy forget all that has happened in the very recent past. All sins are forgotten the day india does a thing like this simply depending upon some of the one-off individual brilliance be it of Dravid, Laxman, Yuvraj or Kaif. After it the world will get normal india will lose another series or finale and then again all these past losing records will start appearing in the media. Well pretty simple ? isn't it ? Didnt someone say the world is round ? Ohh ya okkk, so that's why all this is being repeated over and over again ?

Now back to mails [aka office work]

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