Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fanaa - movie review

Fanaa, originally uploaded by Kon ??.

Well above is a picture of a person who slept while watching the movie Fanaa on the first day. Do i still need to tell the review ?

Before telling the review, i assure there's no spoiler in the review (its a diff. matter that the movie hardly has any suspense, but still am not telling any critical story part here)

So yesterday night i went to watch Fanaa with few of my friends. The movie had a great hype especially coz of Kajol coming back to the movie after 5 yrs and also Aamir Khan was starring in it. The movie also had a good share of controversies, the best one was the movie-makers demanding more share of the profit from the cinema halls.

The movie starts with a blind Kajol :( with her parents Kiron Kher and Rishi Kapoor. After a few "emotional" scenes Kajol with few other gals go to Delhi for perfoming on 26th Janurary function. Here enters Aamir Khan, the tourist guide. His entry brings a flood of shero-shayari. There's a sher every other line. At first it sounds good, but after a while it become way too much and we kept wondering is the whole movie is going to be like this :). After about 20-odd minutes of these shero-shayari movie gets to normal dialogues !! The origin of the love story seems so fictitous. There was a song in Taxi no. 9211 - "Ek nazar mein bhi pyaar hota hai", here the funda seems "Ek sher mein bhi pyaar hota hai" :D. It was funny to see the way Aamir kept flirting with his shers, winks and fliying kisses throughout without any of the girls getting "real" angry. Man, if only it had been like this in real life :D. In just 7 days everything happens, from their meeting to them "making love" !! lolz........

The movie has a pretty typical bollywood movie story with a pretty typical ending ! Nothing exceptional, just simple and plain mundane stuff.

The 3 best things about the movie are:
1. Kajol (yes, she looks as good as ever !)
2. 2 songs (Chand Sifarish and Mere Haath mein)
3. Rehan, the kid

That's just about the few good things the movie has. I will rate it 4.5 out of 10. Vaise luckily for me i was watching it as part of a treat, not spending my money over it :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Leander Paes

'Leander plays above his ability'

The above is an article over Leander Paes and how he has fought off his various ailments to become the greatest indian tennis player (with due respect to the likes of vijay amritraj). For me, Leander has been a player with ordinary abilities who has performed extra-ordinarily when playing for the country. His best performances have come while he has been representing his country with his greatest feat being the bronze medal at the Olympics. He is one player who really lifts his game by a few levels, when he is being supported by the crowd. He has won some of the most amazing Davis Cup matches, with the best being his comeback from match point against tennis superstar Goran Ivanisevic in hot Delhi to give India a 3-2 win over Croatia. For past several years he has been the one man army for India in the Davis Cup. For India to win the Davis Cup he almost always has to win his 3 matches (both singles and the doubles). Today, he has grown old but still he is performing really well. He along with Mahesh Bhupati has been almost invincible in Davis Cup doubles ties. Very recently in a Davis Cup tie against Pakistan he again was fighting for India as tie against arch-rivals Pakistan was levelled at 2-2. Paes, despite of his ageing body fended off his younger counterpart in 5 sets to lead India to another 3-2 Davis Cup win.

He has also won several doubles and mixed-doubles Grand Slam titles but to me his best performances have been when he is being supported by the crowd. This guy has an amazing will-power and self-belief. I think one can learn a lot from him, especially how to raise the level of your game when you are performing at the big stage. With this i end my short post which was just a small tribute to this great Indian warrior.