Sunday, March 12, 2006

Last Month

Well again i am writing after a pretty long gap. Sometimes i wonder what to write, sometimes i wonder when to write and sometimes WHY to write ? Last month or so has been pretty eventful for me. Love is in the air it seems. Not for me for sure, but i have seen 4-5 love marriages happening around me. Including of two of my classmates Rumit and Nidhi.

This was a pretty important occasion, with both bride and groom well known to us :). It turned out to be a great wedding night as well. Meeting all those old friends, dancing all the way in the baraat for over an hour or so. Few of us even danced to the DJ at the wedding place. Not many apart from a few of us batchmates were dancing, but who cared. We enjoyed it to the fullest. The wedding was pretty good as well, with all those rituals n all :).

The reception was to be held in Kullu. So we 3 of us (me, Gogia n Negi) planned to go to the reception. So we took Friday off from office, and went to Kullu-Manali trip + reception ceremony. An unexpected fog delayed our journey, and we missed few of their rituals, notably their folk dance. We had dhaam. Then on next day we went for Manali. For the first time in life i saw snow :), it was few kilometers ahead of Manali on our way to Solang Valley. We came back on Sunday night. All in all it was a pretty good journey, we had a lot of fun.

Apart from these weddings i have also seen a lot of movies in last month or so. The movie list includes-
1. Chronicles of Narnia.
2. Rang De Basanti
3. Zinda
4. Fun with Dick and Jane
5. BluffMaster
6. Taxi No. 9211
7. Final Destination 2
8. Crash

Only 2 of these movies i watched on PC, rest all were on the big screen :), and luckily for me most of these movies have been pretty good. With Zinda, RDB, Crash and Bluffmaster being very good. While Taxi No 9211 was good, so was Narnia (childish though !). Final Destination 2 would be a pretty exciting movie for one who hasn't watched the first part. But as i had watched the first part it was not too exciting. To me it was the same old story, just the way in which ppl got dead was changed :). Fun with Dick and Jane was pathetic, we went to see the movie, expecting it to be a typical Jim Carrey movie containing a lot of humour, be it idiotic. But it turned out to be lot more serious stuff, which we never intended to watch. But anyhow we had to bore it.

Zinda, RDB, BluffMaster and Taxi No 9211 are all part of this new born Hindi cinema, which is producing more and more good films these days

Apart from all this i watched Barcelona led by irresistible Ronaldinho beating Chelsea to reach the quarters of the Champions League. While defending champions Liverpool were shocked by Benfica. In other major results Arsenal shocked Real Madrid. For once Arsenal are performing well in the European Competition. AC Milan cruied past Bayern Munich. While Lyon, Juventus and Villareal were the other quarter finalists. For me its going to be one of the 3 - Barcelona, AC Milan and Lyon who is going to take away the trophy.

On the cricketing front, England led by Freddie Flintoff are giving Indians a tough fight, while the Aussies after being down 2-0 in the series against the South Africans (which included them being dismissed for 93 in 2nd match) have fought back to level the series 2-2. And as i write this they are 67 for none in 10 overs in the final ODI and looking good to take the series, though a lot is to be played still in this match. And if South Africans manage to lose this series after being 2-0 up, they will really wonder what will they need to do to beat this Aussie team. This surely was/is their best chance.

With this i signoff, till the lazy writer decides to write again :)

PS: This is the first post from my laptop :)


Nutan said...

Laptop? Good! How much did you pay for that?

Kon ?? said...

abey poori post bhi padh leti ? keval PS padh kar comment kar diya ?
chod nahi batata price :P

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Sanjay said...

2000Rs ;) ka

Kon ?? said...

abey 2000 mein konsa laptop aata hai be !!