Friday, March 24, 2006


Well my last post was how eventful my past few days have been including going to Kullu-Manali, watching numerous movies n all. And since then its been a complete turnaround. Past few days have been boring like hell.

Hardly had any work in office for past few days apart from reading few things here and there. And as reading is the least liked thing for me, its been amazingly boring time at office. Since morning 9am after the routine mail checking (though there's hardly any mail there, but still its a routine !!) i start thinking of the time to pass by, or for the next coffee break :), after that lunch, then another coffee break. Then finally the best time starting at 6-6:30pm when i can go and play TT !! Wow what a time i am having ! In all the time in between i am either browsing here n there reading few cricket articles, tech articles, numerous RSS feeds, checking online scores (if there's any match going on). This is just about all. Hardly get any forwards too, to pass my time either :) In between, sometimes luckily (!!) i get a few issues from the previous work and i happily do those ! But they are too minor to consume much of the time. This was all about the time @ office, the time other than office time hasn't been too interesting either. Haven't watched any movie for long, haven't watched many cricket/football matches, haven't blogged for long. I seriously wonder, God , wtf have i been doing all these days ? Anyhow here is another weekend ready to pass by with me doing nothing so i decided to blog to pass my time. It's as early as 10:32 am on Saturday, so i still have a long-2 weekend to pass by. So i plan to blog a few more posts. Few of them are which i have been wanting to write for long. They soon would be coming:
1. The Greatest ODI ever (Aus v/s SA)
2. India v/s England Test series.

As a cricket buff, i just couldn't imagine me not writing about the first one atleast !! If i have even more free time and the urge to write i might just put a blog post on Ricky Ponting !

Till then its me signing off.


Nutan said...

Bored?? Don't worry, ye aajkal sab ke saath hota hai..the best solution is to get married. :P

Kon ?? said...

abey ek thode dinon ki boriyat ke liye apni zindagi thode hi barbaad karta hai koi :D

n FYI aaj kaafi kaam aa gaya hai mere ko :), shaayad my PM was waiting for this blog post ;)

Nutan said...

In that case topic for your next blog "My boss, the best!" :P

Kon ?? said...

uske liye bhi "time" chahiye na jo ab shaayad na hi ho :)