Thursday, December 22, 2005


Now i have a broadband connection at home. So now after waiting for so long, i am having an ultimate PC experience ! Now i've got pretty fast PCs with a fast internet connection both at office and home. What else u need in life ? It's simply nirvana !

My Office PC configuration reads : P IV 3.2 GHz with HT, 1 Gig DDR RAM, 160 Gigs HDD, 17' inch TFT, Win XP SP2, 4.26 Mbps downlink (which gives above 30kbps download speed all the time)

My Home PC configuration reads: P IV 2.8 GHz with HT, 256 MB DDR RAM, 40 Gigs HDD, 14' inch monitor, Win XP SP2, 256 Kbps mtnl broadband (which thus far has given around 30kbps download speed)

Ya my home pc config looks pretty inferior, but its ok i can bear with it for the timebeing ;) All n all its an ultimate experience, with Win XP booting so fast supported by a high end processor and RAM, it takes less than a minute between switching on the power button and seeing my desktop with every damn thing loaded completely :)

Cost of MTNL broadband : Rs 199
Cost of 1 Gig DDR RAM: Rs 4600
Inner Happiness with all this fast digital world: PRICELESS

Ok ok this sounds a typical software engineer whose life completely revolves around computers ? Hell yeah, if i hadn't been, then i wouldn't have been writing this blog post at midnight inspite of having to wakeup early to get back to office, just to sit in front of the 17' inch TFT !

Anyway enough for now !

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