Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy !

This last week has had some happy moments for me. I will list them down now :)

1. I finally got a broadband connection at home (Yes finally !!). It seems like ages i have been wanting this, but now finally i have got a MTNL broadband @ home.
2. Saurav Ganguly DROPPED from the Indian team.
3. Shane Warne becomes the highest wicket taker in a calendar year surpassing Dennis Lillee.
4. Man Utd are back to goal scoring ways with 2 big victories (4-0 against Wigan and 2-0 against Aston Villa)
5. India won the test match againt SL.

Amidst all these happy news there was a real sad moment , which i expected to be listed at the top of the above listed happy news !!

Meanwhile Champions League knockout draws have been announced. They are as below:
Bayern - Milan 21/02 08/03
Benfica - Liverpool 21/02 08/03
Real Madrid - Arsenal 21/02 08/03
PSV - Lyon 21/02 08/03
Chelsea - Barcelona 22/02 07/03
Rangers - Villarreal 22/02 07/03
Bremen - Juventus 22/02 07/03
Ajax - Internazionale 22/02 14/03

And astnoishingly for the 2nd year running Champions League will see arguably the 2 best teams in Europe fighting in the 2nd round itself ! Yes, Barca and Chelsea are scheduled to meet in 2nd round again. I can't believe this !! After 2 amazing matches last year, we are again in for some footballing treat with 2 best midfielders Ronaldinho and Lampard taking the centrestage. Apart from this fixture, there are 2 other tough fixtures for me. One is Bayern v/s Milan and the other is Real Madrid v/s Arsenal. So pretty exciting matches in prospect, this is going to be an exciting Feb n March !

My probable winners:
Milan, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Lyon, Barca, Villarreal, Juventus, Inter

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Bhagya said...

Hey whats with the sad moment? I did read the poem. Ups and downs but u aint a clown.