Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pet Peeves

Well i am writing this post coz i have been tagged by Zarine . This is the first time i've been involved with a tag :)
Anyway i tried writing 20 most annoying things for me. So here it is:

  1. Lies and Liars !! Ok mez not a raja harishchandra myself, but i lie only when its absolutely necessary. I am really annoyed by people lying even at trivial things.
  2. People not replying to messages/mails/calls.
  3. WAITING, u can say mez a tad restless, but anyway waiting for someone is pretty annoying, especially when people arrive late for movies n we miss some part of it, also seeing "brb" on messenger is hell !
  4. When my TT partner plays really bad at crucial/deciding points in match, like doing a service fault, playing a shot he shouldn't play et al. I have already lost the company doubles TT final coz of this. God i miss Poker at these times, im sure he would be my best doubles' partner :D
  5. My boss coming after 6pm n saying "we have to do this today", "shall we discuss ..." !!
  6. When some how magically my bro manages to get disturbed by my whispering on phone sitting in other room, my typing on keyboard, clicking of mouse, watching TV without volume !!
  7. People completely overlooking my suggestions n !deas.
  8. When bosses say - "You can do this parallely". Come on god has made us single tasking only. i don't run in multiple threads ! i can do only 1 thing at a time, if mez doing 1st thing i cant do second and vice-versa !
  9. Woh log jo girgit ki tarah rang badalte hain, they behave differently with "some" people and completely different with "some other" people.
  10. People who don't have any !dea what's going on in cricket field, which 2 teams are playing, and suddenly as they see someone seeing the score, start asking scores like they are the biggest cricket fans around !!
  11. Few ex-cricketers (the so-called experts) who keep giving some of the most idiotic statements, which are eagerly published by media. Latest example - gavaskar sayin india shud play 3 openers, and agarkar was dropped coz he was not in chappell's "inner circle". sheer nonsense !
  12. The flat batting tracks and one-sided series' in cricket, which is making cricket a complete bore.
  13. Chain mails/messages n Spams. I can't believe how come people believe in those lines in chain mails - "if you send this to x no. of ppl, this will happen n all". AFAIK gals are the ones who believe in these very easily or atleast indulge in sending these chain mails.
  14. People who like to show-off.
  15. People who make jokes over others and get really pissed off when someone cracks a joke over them !
  16. Power cuts, slow internet speed, slow responding PCs.
  17. Man Utd coach Alex Ferguson not buying any good midfielder for last few seasons, which i firmly believe is urgently required to revive Man Utd.
  18. Orkut, its donuts, its bugs.
  19. Writing this list !!!
  20. Did i said writing all this ??
That's it i guess. I guess i was pretty honest in writing those :). Now do i have to tag few ppl as well :o ? Ok i'll tag Sanjay and Phoenix . I wonder if they'll comply :D


Now to some of the big sporting sights of the week (wasn't this expected on my blog ??)

1. Kobe Bryant of LA Lakers scored a mind-blowing 81 points alone in a NBA match against Toronto Raptors. That's second most in the history of NBA !
Here's an article over it - link

An excerpt from the above article:
"You begin by telling yourself you've never seen anything like this. As the game wears on, you begin admitting to yourself that you'll never see anything like this again."

Yes, i am an AI fan (Allen Iverson) but still that was simply mindblowing from a player who has simply been mindblowing over the last few matches and is looking for his first MVP.

2. Well this one wasn't anywhere near to even the smallest achievement. But i am mentioning it coz this was simply a treat for my eyes ! In last VB series match between Aussies and SL, Michael Clarke played an awesome stroke which surely needs a mention on my blog.

"Muralidharan was bowling to Clarke, Clarke was looking to give him the charge, he put his front foot out of the crease trying to come down the track, seeing that Murali pitched the ball a tad shorter in length. Clarke was just TOO quick to realise that, the ball pitched just a bit outside off-stump and as any Murali off-spinner, it came back a long way into Clarke. But Clarke had the talent and quick reflexes to go to his backfoot immediately and the audacity to upper-cut the ball OVER the extra-cover fielder. This was simply a treat to watch. A young audacious batsman just dropped from the Test series taking on one of the best spinners ever in trying situation. For the record, Aussies lost the match in the end. "


Phoenix said...

u know wat..being tagged really annoys me:P

Kon ?? said...

next 19 please :P

vik said...

hey, u know those plantronics headphones just got costlier )c: ...So i had to get some other ones for me, which ended up being even more costly bcos of shipping (shipping was free last time since I had ordered 2 of them and the net price exceed 25 bucks).
So what is this tagging ? some kinda linking between blogs.. ?

Sanjay said...

what are u supposed to do yaar, when u are tagged? Is it only about listing things which annoy you aur something else also.

Kon ?? said...

so why dint u buy the headphones for urself that time only :o ? how much the news one cost u ? r they better ?

tagging..ahem, well maybe wiki wud help -> :)

Kon ?? said...


abey listing things is enugh :)

aur bhi kuch karne ka dil hai to karle !! no one is stopping u ! afterall its ur blog :)

Bhagya said...

So theres lotsa stuff that annoys you.:D. Good to know all the stuff, someday I might be your boss do I need to say more. :D

Kon ?? said...

u mite be my boss :o
don't worry my bosses generally have had bad times controlling me :)
so beware :P

Nutan said...

Surprisingly my name is not there in the list!

Kon ?? said...

u mean ur name in 20 points ?
naa u r too far too annoy me :P