Sunday, November 06, 2005


Finished reading On@TCC couple of days ago in 6 hrs straight. Considering i am just as good a reader as Glenn Mcgrath is a batsman [:)], this was a big achievement !! This also tells that book was really interesting, and surely will never bore u.

The story of the book has been told in a typical Chetan Bhagat's style with his so-called "dark humour". His style of throwing in some really funny one-liners in any kind of situation is really great ! One thing i must say about Chetan is that he literally seems an expert on girls, maybe someday he would give ppl like me some tips :D. And some of his comments about "boss" were really good :), i guess EVERY working person will agree with the "boss" feeling, 'coz there are only 2 types of boss in the world: bad and worse. The "good" ones cease to exist. Well the boss taking credit of or naming someone's else work in his name is a pretty common thing i guess and has happened with me too. Also all the "buzzwords or jargons" the boss speaks is pretty true. The book sounds a WARNING to all the guys getting bald: "Beware, its going to be difficult for you to find ur gal, even if u get into microsoft" :). All n all the whole story is filled with witty lines. Some of them which i really liked are:

  • Threesome with blondes and hitting the boss are the top indian male fantasy.
  • Few people in this world get to hit their boss, but those who do will tell you it is better than sex.
  • He clicked his pen shut with a swagger, as proud as da Vinci finishing the MonaLisa
  • Girls like Esha hardly eat anything, but still jump around asking for treats.
  • One thing guys do know is when to shutup.
  • Girls' handbags have enough to make a survival kit for Antarctica.
  • Copier decaptivates man, duplicates document.
  • It is way more elegant to cry sitting down than standing up.

Though the end of the story is a typical Hindi movie ishtyle. A fairytale ending with all good things happening - "a successful love story", "their revenge with their boss", "saving the call center" and all, but is life a fairytale always ?? But still i will recommend this book, for all the entertainment it gave throughout. Didn't someone said "Enjoy the journey more, than the destination" (or something like that). So enjoy the book, inspite of a filmi ending :)

A Good News: I bought my new cell: nokia 6230i :)))

Over for now.


Anonymous said...

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Bhagya said...

Hey Kon I am a Chetan bhagat fan loved his 1st book, I am reading something right now, once done taht will read his new book. I must be really short book, shld be over in few hours.

Kon ?? said...

ya its just a 5-6 hrs read....and is surely worth read :)

Anonymous said...

What a rag!

Well - at any rate, Chetan Bhagat had his audience right: Every semi-literate coder / call centre junkie.

Try Woman's Era stories sometime, Kon.