Monday, July 11, 2005

2 years

July 7, 2003 this was the day when i entered into this corporate world. Now its 2 years since then and i am trying to look back at what all i've gained (?) or lost. I can still remember sitting on the front row of the conference room in Sec-24 amongst the 25-odd ppl batch. Now after 2 years what i do ? Just go sit in front of the monitor, check mails, attend some utterly useless meetings n ya play TT too. That has become the routine. Somehow the bright talented programmer [which ppl thought] has gone for a long sleep and me has simply become what we popularly known as a SOFTWARE ENGG.: A person who just do the above mentioned things n get paid (in my case even tht pay is pretty scarce !!). Listen to the ur PL's in every meeting...the never ending discussions, the useless brain-storming sessions over things which neither me nor anyone else in the meeting understand ! These 2 years i've stayed here only....'coz of factors like laziness to look for a change, which i better describe as the human nature of being of being afraid of CHANGE. It seems its a human nature to keep doing routine things/or live a routine life unless until a time comes when a drastic measure is inevitable. This laziness combined with the personal health problems have left me here only.....But well now it seems the time to take a drastic measure has come, infact it seems me has overdue it.....Hope this feeling takes me somewhere better....July 7th in anycase is a pretty important date for me....coz it happens to be the birthdate of my best frnd :). Well another big incident happened this time on july 7th tht was the L'ndon blasts !! n more coincidently few more blasts happened @ L'ndon on july 21st, n tht happens to be my bday !! ooops too much coincidence n too dangerous of dates !! The best thing i think i've gained in 2 years is a few gud about the work ? after 2 years all the work thing seems to be a maaya [/mithya] :) .I guess its enugh for now..............

PS: Dravid led india to a victory over a C-grade WI team..
PPS: Warney might just get to 600th wkt in the coming Ashes test..
PPPS: I might just win the bet over Warney taking the KP as his 600th Test victim..

Over to Ashes....

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